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What is Sugar Spun Sister? It's a commitment to quality,aesthetics and a vibe. It's lovingly crafted treats made for people like us. It's beautiful packaging that will make you(or the lucky person you're buying for) feel utterly wowed. Its art,taste,feeling.

Take a look around our shop, ask questions, pick your poison. We know that you'll love it and we know you'll be back for more.

You know what Sugar Spun Sister is ..this is the who.

I've always been the kind of woman that's sought out new experiences. Music, art , nature.You might have seen me at gigs and rock clubs across the country over the years, belting my heart out to all sorts of music ( though there's a clue in the name as to what gets me out of bed in the mornings!)

Having lived the daily grind, working for large companies to be able to afford to raise my family and having had those around me constantly demanding that i make them treats, I took the plunge and walked away from the race to set my own pace. That's grown into Sugar Spun Sister and, with our teams commitment to making things the right way and in the best way,its become a full time career for me.

Having been professionally trained in Catering & Hospitality,Patisserie was always at the heart of my passions(with extended training & development in France) and so,with the support of my team, the tribe of my family and very loyal customers, its become an absolute joy for me to concoct and create the little treats that brighten up a day, make a day or change a day.

Come join us- check out my insta, Facebook and other socials for a little look into our world and take a bite.You sure as hell won't regret it.

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